Trump’s Approval Rankings Are Tanking And He Is Sooooo Mad

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Did you expect Trump to hide his feelings over polls after he became president? Nope. Trump awoke on Monday morning with two major events on the table: (1) Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing; (2) FBI Director James Comey’s wiretapping testimony for the House Intelligence Committee. So, the pressure was on, but Trump was immediately deflated by CNN’s reporting of a new Gallup poll that places his job approval rating at a sad 37%. This did not please the president, who can’t believe that “Fake News CNN” has the nerve to discuss polls again because they’re such a “WAY OFF disaster.” You know he lashed out on Twitter!

Along with the first figure, 58% of Americans don’t approve of the Trump presidency so far, and the 37% approval rating is a drop from the mid-range 40s that Trump has endured so far. The downswing can likely be attributed to a few key issues, including how Trump accused Obama of wiretapping without a shred of evidence. An even more likely culprit would be the Trumpcare mess, which is projected to cause up to 26 million Americans to lose health care coverage. Even “jobs” can’t fix that figure.

Trump’s morning tweet storm also included shots at the Russia investigation and losing Democrats. He’s appalled that people aren’t still talking about Hillary Clinton’s alleged wrongdoing, almost as if he doesn’t realize that she’s not president. Trump, however, still acts like he’s competing with Her.

(Via CNN)