Donald Trump: Blah blah, blah blah, blah

Human horsesh*t dispenser Donald Trump — a reality show star and alleged part-time billionaire businessman who somehow once managed to run a business, a casino, universally hailed as one with an infallible economic model into bankruptcy — was on the Today Show AGAIN this morning, for some reason, spouting off about how great he is and how much Obama sucks, blah, blah, blah.

The mysteriously coiffed gasbag has become the darling of ratings-whoring television people all too happy to provide him with a platform to spout ridiculous assertions — most notably challenging the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate and the authorship of his books — while touting his credentials as a self-made American success story, somehow forgetting to mention the part about inheriting his daddy’s multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. This morning it was Savannah Guthrie’s turn to play enabler to the tea party’s favorite bloated, rich as$hole, which is sad because I kind of have a massive crush on her, but whatever.

“I think I am presidential. I think I have a very high aptitude and I think I was at the best schools and always did good. I was a good student,” said the Republican party’s own version of Al Sharpton (though Sharpton never led in any Democratic polls, ever.) “The last person (Obama) wants to run against is Donald Trump. That I can tell you.”

And the world spins madly on while Obama’s handlers are right now dropping to their knees in the White House, looking up to the heavens and screaming, “PLEASE GOD, PLEASE LET TRUMP BE THE 2012 GOP NOMINEE! PLEEEEAAAAASE!!!”

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