Donald Trump Blames Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Supporters For Chicago Rally Opposition

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Des Moines
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Let’s recap this saga again. Donald Trump canceled a rally on Friday in Chicago after protestors and supporters engaged in various violent altercations at the event site. Then, the other candidates–on both sides of the aisle–said that this happened because of the divisiveness and violence that Trump himself drums up. And on Saturday, the Secret Service rushed the stage after he was spooked by an attendee.

Now we’re hearing more about what Trump thinks of the Chicago protests. First of all, this tweet blames Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.

Then, according to the CBC, at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, protestors interrupted Trump four times. This prompted him to say, “It’s a Bernie person. Get your people in line, Bernie.”

On Saturday morning, Trump referred to “many of” the Chicago protesters as thugs.

One of the protesters, Jedidiah Brown, who had rushed the stage in Chicago, took issue with this:

I work very hard as a productive, law-abiding citizen every day in the city of Chicago, but I was reduced to a thug. But he’s the one on stage saying he would like to smack protesters?

Otherwise, Trump was satisfied with the turnout and behavior of the people at both Ohio rallies.

(via CBC)