The Trump Campaign Already Ditched Their Now Infamous Logo

It’s been only two days since Donald Trump announced that Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be his ‘partner’ in his quest to become President. The announcement came quickly, so a logo had to be whipped up under extreme time restraints. The original logo left very little to the imagination with a phallic T literally penetrating the hole of a P all done in the standard red, white, and blue color scheme for a political logo. Twitter was quick to parody the logo and also offer some very frightening comparisons.

However, according to Gawker, it seems that the ‘TP’ in the Trump/Pence logo is already RIP. Ben Jacobs a political reporter for The Guardian noticed that the now infamous ‘TP’ was mysteriously removed from the campaign’s website this morning.

USA Today also reported that the logo was missing on the podium during Pence’s acceptance speech Saturday morning. David Axelrod noticed the quick change as well and tweeted about the logo’s short but sordid life.

The new and ‘improved’ Trump/Pence logo is basically the same as the old one, minus the part of the logo that everyone was parodying and giggling about like a group of middle school kids. We’re not sure what happened to the graphic designer who created the original logo, but Trump probably uttered a phrase that he was known to say back when he was a reality show star.

(via Gawker/USA Today)