People Can’t Stop Speculating About The Timing Of Trump Canceling His Planned Putin Meeting

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President Donald Trump had been planning to meet with Vladimir Putin this week at the G20 Summit in Argentina, but he abruptly canceled on Thursday after departing for Buenos Aires. In a two-part tweet, Trump named the reason for the cancellation due to the Russian capture of three Ukrainian naval ships and their crews near Crimea on Sunday, claiming that he “decided it would be best for all parties” and that he looked forward “to a meaningful Summit” when the situation is resolved.

Earlier this week Trump told the Washington Post that he would determine what would happen at the meeting with Putin, and if said meeting would even take place. “Maybe I won’t even have the meeting. We’re going to see,” the president explained, given the circumstances. “But depending on what comes out tonight, we should have a pretty good indication on exactly what happened tonight at about 6 o’clock.”

That was on Tuesday, and as of Thursday morning, both the White House and Kremlin were still planning on going ahead with that meeting. So what changed?

Ah, yes. That would be the breaking news that Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in a Manhattan federal court to making false statements to Congress in regards to his Russian contacts during the presidential campaign. This involved plans to build a Trump property in Moscow.

This could be the most damning thing to come to light over the course of Special Council Robert Mueller’s so-called “witch hunt,” but Trump seems adamant the two things are unrelated.

The rest of the world, however, is not quite as sure — as many, particularly those covering the story in the media, are connecting the very obvious dots.

Of course, not everyone in convinced, including Lindsey Graham: