We Almost Got A Donald Trump Cartoon Show In Which He ‘Took Over’ Washington

From the so-called “Trump TV” to the totally-exists Trump Winery, Republican nominee Donald Trump has spent much of his presidential campaign hocking confirmed and rumored wares to supporters, potential voters, and cable television news crews willing to grant him the free airtime. One of the many failed products Trump hasn’t tried to drown out otherwise political press conferences with, however, only came to light thanks to a report by Fusion. The product in question? A failed television cartoon created by those in charge of Trump Magazine called Trump Takeover.

Yes, this is a real thing, and yes, Fusion has more images and the details to prove it. Trump Takeover was “a TV cartoon for kids, starring The Donald as a wrong-righting, crusading superhero,” and as creator Mitchell Schultz told Fusion, he suggested the idea to Trump since “the way to create immortality for [him was] through the youth of America.”

Along with writer Louis Cimino, Schultz pitched a variety of plot ideas to to the Trump Magazine team. Like an episode titled “Politically Corrected,” in which the United States finds itself “in a state of virtual collapse,” forcing the Donald and several cast members from The Apprentice to “go to Washington to take over.” As Cimino told Fusion:

“We wrote some stories — ‘SuperTrump,’ that kind of thing,” Cimino recalls. “I wrote the stories — ‘[Trump] solves the gang problem in New York and fights the aliens,’ stuff like that. I just remember the gist. He saves the city; he saves the Yankees. I wrote whole episodes with the dialogue.” Cimino says he “did it as a goof. I did it for fun.”

Trump and his magazine publisher, Michael Jacobson, loved the ideas so much they commissioned artist Elizabeth Koshy, who outsourced much of the work to her native India, to animate a few episodes. Not only was Jacobson happy about Koshy’s prices — since she was “giving [them] competitive pricing that no one else could give” — but he and Trump also skipped out on paying the artists what they were owed.

So much for “SuperTrump.”

(Via Fusion)

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