Trump Ridicules Clinton For Not Knowing What ‘C’ Meant In Her Emails, But He Doesn’t Know Either

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Donald Trump’s Labor Day weekend is anything but lazy. Sure, he’s taking a breather from rallies (which will recommence on Tuesday), but the Republican nominee’s still in the news, and his Twitter account’s always running full steam ahead. At present, Trump seems bothered by the FBI’s released files about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. One of the standout moments involved Clinton claiming to not realize how the “C” marking in her emails meant anything special. And Trump simply can’t believe this, but he messed up while calling out “Lyin'” Clinton (is she Ted Cruz now?) for not knowing what the “C” meant. Trump believes it means “classified.”

In doing so, Trump shot himself in the foot, twice. Firstly, the “C” on Clinton’s emails actually meant “confidential.” This could feel like nitpicking, but the distinction is real, and Trump was calling Clinton out for the same bit of knowledge that he also flubbed. The Federation of American Scientists readily defines the government’s use of “confidential” (under section AR 380-5 4-202 of the linked document) and one would hope that both major-party nominees would know what it means. Clinton’s already been mocked by many, so John Noonan (a former national security adviser for Jeb Bush’s campaign) stepped up on Twitter to correct Trump.

He was joined by others, who showed no mercy for the Republican nominee.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tried to mop up the mess by pointing out that Clinton — as a former First Lady, senator, and secretary of state — should have known better, which is true. But so should Trump.

Secondly, Trump completely forgot about how the “C” word meant something completely different to him in the 1970s. As Tim Kaine reminded voters, Trump and his father refused to allow black tenants in their apartment buildings. But the Internet doesn’t soon forget, and Late Show writer Daniel Kibblesmith reminded everyone of a recent New York Times feature that made explicit mention of how Trump’s biased rental procedures once used “C” to denote “colored”:

A former Trump superintendent named Thomas Miranda testified that multiple Trump Management employees had instructed him to attach a separate piece of paper with a big letter “C” on it — for “colored” — to any application filed by a black apartment-seeker.

Damn, that’s awkward. Happy Labor Day, folks!

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