Trump Tries To Rename CNN As The ‘Clinton News Network’ During His Tirade Against ‘Fake News’ At CPAC

Donald Trump spoke at CPAC on Friday morning, and if anyone was hoping for a replay of last week’s combative press conference — in which he yelled at the media for 75 minutes — they’d be sorely disappointed by what was essentially a stand-up comedy routine. The difference, of course, is that Trump was speaking to an adoring audience rather than a room full of critical reporters, but he still managed to fire several shots at the press. We’ll run down some highlights here, including the above clip, in which Trump reignited a not-so-original joke that’s been circulating for years:

“Somebody said, ‘A new poll came out.’ And I say, ‘What network is it?’ And they say, a certain, let’s not even mention names, alright? We have a lot of them, look. The Clinton News Network is one. Take a look, honestly!”

This is simply a continuation of Trump’s “fake news” insult that he lobs at CNN (or any number of outlets, including New York Times) when they report anything even slightly negative. He further railed against the press while claiming that no one loves the First Amendment more than he does, and here, he claimed that he’s “only against the fake news media.”

He followed this up with another choice quote: “The media doesn’t represent the people, it never will represent the people and we’re going to do something about it.” From there, he ranted about reports that use unnamed sources and thinks there should be a new rule: “Put their name out there … let them say it to my face.” Trump also began to plant the “false narrative” bug in the CPAC’s audience’s ears, so be prepared for that to become a new buzz term.

During another moment, he paused to appreciate a “Lock her up!” chant.

The rest of the speech contained a number of lies, including, “Obamacare covers very few people.” He continued his fake terror claim about Sweden: “I love Sweden … the people over there know I’m right.” He strangely gave a shoutout to soup: “I like Campbell’s Soup.” And he made a grand show of promising to throw the “radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.” Essentially, this was a stump speech from a sitting president, and he strangely railed against his former opponent despite winning the election.

On the “deplorable” label uttered by Clinton, Trump joked, “That’s the problem with politics. one wrong word, and it’s over.” However, Trump has said many, many words that have offended large groups, and clearly, it isn’t over for him. You can watch the full speech below.