Trump Takes Credit For The Qatar Gulf Crisis, Hopes This Will Be ‘The Beginning Of The End Of Terrorism’

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You just knew that it was only a matter of time until President Trump took credit for the recent calling out of Qatar by a Saudi Arabian-led alliance for fueling “terrorist” activities, and on early Tuesday morning, that time came. Trump took to the Twitter machine to congratulate himself on being the reason for the sudden cracking down on Qatar, pointing to the fact that the oil-rich country’s name came up during meetings last month while Trump met with Middle Eastern leaders. Trump took a moment away from bashing the mainstream media to weigh in on global current affairs.

Trump’s tweets come as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates put together a coordinated choke-hold on Qatar for what the nations believe is continued actions that have resulted in a destabilizing of the Middle East. In response, Qatar has since called the allegations “unjustified” while claiming the allegations of their involvement with terrorist groups “have no basis in fact.”

While on the surface it may seem like a layup for Trump to release confetti following the news that a country suspected of supporting terrorism was receiving a spanking by its Middle East neighbors, there are concerns that Trump’s tweets will jeopardize the United States’ position as a go-between for Qatar and the other countries, thus possibly rendering the situation unstable. Also, a concern is the fact that the Al Udeid Air Base, the biggest U.S. military base currently situated in the Middle East, is located in Qatar. That base is considered highly important due to its involvement in the fight against ISIS.

Of course, all of these concerns would be alleviated if one was inclined to believe Donald Trump had sat down with his advisors and formulated a planned message on the important international security matter before tweeting. Chances are he did not; thus, he’s added more controversy to a global situation.

(Via The New York Daily News)