Ted Cruz Refuses To Go Quietly, Flustering Donald Trump At The Fox Business Debate

During Thursday evening’s Fox Business GOP Debate, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz kicked things off with a little scrapping match. Cruz first groused over how the New York Times attacked his Goldman Sachs “loan” and referred to him as an “evil demonic spirit” from It Follows. Then Neil Cavuto stoked the fires by bringing up Cruz’s strict-constitutionalist status. Cavuto slyly motioned towards Trump, who argued that Cruz is not natural born and, therefore, not suited to be President Cruz.

Cruz smugly answered, “I’m glad we’re focusing on the important topics.” Then Cruz began a circular argument that made little sense, but he managed to get under Trump’s skin (which is what matters when it comes to Trump). Cruz kept poking and then said Trump “is dismayed that his poll numbers are falling in Iowa.” Trump hit back by belittling Cruz’s tiny numbers, whereas Trump will win “fair and square.” The crowd loved this interplay and added a chorus of applause and boos where applicable.

Before long, both men argued how the other belonged on their own vice-presidential tickets, and Trump grew flustered by Cruz’s refusal to roll over. Trump will be no one’s vice president! He will go back to erecting phallic-shaped skyscrapers instead.

Twitter truly enjoyed this interaction. Cruz came out ahead in this battle, but mainly, the internet enjoyed seeing someone talk back to Trump.