Trump Dodged A Question On Russia During A Bizarre, Impromptu Q&A While Don King Waved The Israeli Flag

Donald Trump hasn’t held a press conference in five months, but he decided tonight was a great time to address the media somewhere besides Twitter. So, he and Don King popped out of his Palm Beach estate’s front door and simply began talking. This was a truly odd “press conference,” although I guess it qualifies as one? It was more like an impromptu Q&A session that happened because Trump’s pal wanted to yell, “Make America Great Again!”

The boxing promoter (who was previously seen dropping the n-word at a Trump rally) aired his feelings about John Kerry’s criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu by waiving the Israeli and American flags. King must have been holding half a dozen flags, and he expressed confidence that Trump could bolster U.S.-Israel relations:

“The Israeli flag is about peace, you know, peace in the Middle East. We want everyone to come together and as one unit and make things happen. He’s the leader that can make it happen. It’s just great to be an American. And now with our leader, we’re going to make new days — make America great again.”

As for Trump, he didn’t go into detail on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict other than to shade Kerry’s criticism of Israeli settlements. “It speaks for itself,” the real estate mogul said. “It’s pretty obvious. We have different views. I think it set us back.”

In the below clip, Trump dodged a question about sanctions against Russia after Vladimir Putin interfered in the U.S. election. In response to the hacking business, Trump simply stated, “I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it so nobody knows exactly what’s going on.” What does that even mean?

Maybe Trump will hold a real press conference soon. After the election, he met with reporters for off-the-record discussions (which some summarized as feeling “like a f*cking firing squad”). And recently, he hosted a group of thrilled reporters for a “party” at his Mar-a-Lago estate where they indulged in sad ham sammies and Trump wine. Tonight, Trump spoke in general, vague terms, and he appeared to be shying away from a true grilling.