Donald Trump Reportedly Donated $100,000 To The Clinton Foundation In 2009

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Donald Trump has found common ground with other Republicans in his critique of the Clinton Foundation. But as Business Insider reveals, a 2009 tax document shows that Trump may have made a sizeable donation to the foundation.

During this unusual campaign season, Trump and the Republican party have agreed on very little, but one thing that brings them together is their quest to beat Hillary Clinton. While Republicans have been questioning her health, Trump is intensifying his attacks on the Clinton Foundation, which uses donations from private investors in order to fund programs in developing countries. On Monday, Trump called for the foundation to be shut down, and then on Tuesday, he wanted a special prosecutor to investigate it. Trump’s assertion is the foundation is just a “pay-to-play scheme” where donors were awarded special treatment for their donations while Clinton was Secretary of State. On Tuesday, he told a rally in Austin this was a form of corruption and should be dealt with justly:

“It is impossible to figure out where the Clinton Foundation ends and the State Department begins. It is now abundantly clear that the Clinton’s set up a business to profit from public office. They sold access and specific actions by and really for I guess the making of large amounts of money.”

This is a stance many Republicans will back up, but that tune might change if recent allegations are true. Business Insider reported that Trump apparently donated $100,000 to the foundation in 2009, based on a recently uncovered tax document of other Trump charitable donations. He has turned up his attacks on the foundation in recent days, but with his newfound spending coming into question too, he may have to dial down the rhetoric, at least on a few issues.

(Business Insider & CNBC)

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