Donald Trump Embellished His Close Ties To Ronald Reagan In The Most Awkward Way

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A few weeks ago, Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael, reacted to the rise of Donald Trump with distaste. He wasn’t thrilled with how the presumptive Republican nominee keeps invoking his dad’s name. Trump is particularly fond of explaining his own morphing stances in terms of “evolving” like the 40th president, who remains a beloved figure among today’s conservatives. And of course, Trump also trucked out his first ex-wife, Ivana, to tell the world how the Gipper urged Trump to run for president way back in the 1990s. As things usually go with Trump, it’s difficult to tell whether he believes something or knows he’s making crap up. But Michael Reagan insisted that his dad would never support Trump, and the family was horrified at how the real estate mogul kept blabbering the Reagan name.

Well, the Washington Post did some digging on the close relationship that Trump claims he had with Reagan. And they’ve dismantled a number of claims, including how Reagan’s White House wasn’t impressed with Trump’s “large ego,” and the administration’s files show an ungodly amount of overtures by the real estate mogul. For example, Trump pestered Reagan to send him a telegram of congratulations on the 1983 Trump Tower opening. And he asked Reagan to pop by a Vietnam veteran gala. A number of other persistent invitations followed, including these gems:

In 1987, Trump sent a glossy pink invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue inviting the president and first lady to an 11 p.m. LaToya Jackson concert at his Atlantic City casino. This was ignored.

Back in 1983, Trump snagged a picture with the president during a photo line at a White House event. The president, not paying close attention, signed it “Reagan Reagan.” Five years later, Trump included the image in his book The Art of the Deal. An aide in the social secretary’s office noticed the mistake. She sent an apologetic note and a corrected picture – signed with an autopen.

Well, you can see that infamous photo of Reagan shaking Trump’s hand here. Reagan looks plenty pleasant during the gesture — kinda like “who’s this?” — and Trump looks absolutely ecstatic. But he never realized the signature wasn’t correct because Reagan wasn’t into it, or perhaps he was simply bowled over by Trump’s charisma? Actually, it really looks like Trump was the insistent weirdo inviting himself everywhere and extending invitations like crazy while not catching the hint that Reagan wasn’t interested.

Trump hasn’t responded to these revelations yet, but it’s coming: “Sad!”

(Via Washington Post)