Trump Was Predictably Petty Following The Death Of Senator John McCain

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Senator John McCain lost his battle with brain cancer on Saturday, after making the decision to stop treatments for the malignant tumor just one day before. The death of the decorated war hero who spent two years in a POW camp during the Vietnam War was largely mourned by most of the nation — both Republican and Democrat. But unfortunately, after years of sacrifice and service to his country, McCain did not get his proper due from the highest office in the United States of America, sitting President Donald Trump.

Clearly, there had been no love lost between McCain and Trump. McCain had been an outspoken critic of Trump since his early campaign days, and things got especially nasty when President Bone Spurs famously commented that he “likes people who weren’t captured.”

Yet, Trump still couldn’t put aside his differences after the passing of McCain. Although the White House flags were briefly lowered on Saturday night, by Monday they returned to full staff. For the flags to stay at half staff through the day of interment would have required the president to issue a proclamation to do so.

In contrast, flags at both the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument remained at half-staff on Monday morning.

Likewise, reportedly against the advice of his top aides, Trump refused to issue an official statement praising McCain for his years of service in both the military and Senate and calling him a hero.

Instead, Trump issued a brief statement on Twitter Saturday night, that did not mention any of McCain’s accomplishments.

The president continued to attack McCain even after his cancer diagnosis, particularly after McCain cast the deciding vote in the decision not to repeal Obamacare — the white whale of Trump’s presidency so far. As a result, McCain made it clear that he did not want Trump at his funeral.

One might think that despite all this, President Trump could put aside his differences after McCain’s passing to say something nice about him, but that clearly did not happen.