Trump Ups The Ante In His Attacks On Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Claims ‘Her Mind Is Shot’

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Donald Trump and Ruth Bader Ginsberg have been duking it out in the press all week. It started when Ginsberg gave a pair of interviews late last week. Ginsberg told the Associated Press she didn’t “even want to think about” the possibility of Trump becoming president; and she told the New York Times how she couldn’t “imagine what the country would be” if he was to serve as commander in chief. She pressed the issue again Monday, telling CNN Trump was a “faker.” “He has no consistency about him,” she said. “He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego.”

Trump told the New York Times Tuesday that Ginsberg’s comments were “highly inappropriate.” He called for her resignation and claimed she owes the rest of the court an apology. Galvanized by a Times editorial claiming “Donald Trump Is Right About Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” Trump has doubled down on his call for Ginsberg to resign from the court, tweeting Wednesday morning that “her mind is shot.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan took a shot at the justice as well, telling Jake Tapper Tuesday night, “I find it very peculiar, and I think it’s out of place.” He did not, however, call for her resignation. Not this time.