Donald Trump May Soon Be The GOP Nominee And Even Conservatives Are Losing Their Minds Over The News


Well, it’s happening: Ted Cruz has dropped out of the presidential race and Donald Trump is standing victorious among the ruins of all those who dared opposed him. And since a Trump presidency is looking more and more possible, people who never thought we’d get this far are finally waking up and thinking, “oh my god, what the hell is going to happen to this country?” Of course these same people are now taking their horrified reactions to Twitter, where people are threatening to stop voting Republican, claiming that The White Walkers have taken over, and posting that gif of Amy Schumer drinking wine from an impossibly large glass to show that there isn’t enough alcohol in the world to deal with what’s happening:

Here are some of the more “robust” reactions from people just beginning to understand the ramifications of Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and the entire Cruz Clan (#byeCaroline) leaving the race. And these aren’t just Democrats worried about the future, they’re Republicans coming to terms with the fact that soon Trump really may have the opportunity to “Make America Great Again,” but it’s not going to be for them. Who will they vote for now?

Check it out: