A Man Was Arrested At A D.C. Trump Hotel After Police Found An Assault Rifle And Ammo In His Car

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While everyone was talking about Kathy Griffin’s picture with what looked like Donald Trump’s decapitated head, a far less famous individual was headed for the Trump Hotel with an assault rifle and 90 rounds of ammo. The details are still unfolding as police investigate.

What is known is that Bryan Moles of Edinboro, Pennsylvania (not far from Erie) drove to D.C., checked into the Trump Hotel, and left his car with the valet — his Bushmaster AR-15 still inside “in plain view,” according to the Washington Post. The police report indicates that Moles was also packing a Glock 23 in the glove compartment. Police arrested him in his hotel room this morning, and he was charged with possession of firearms without a license and illegal possession of ammunition.

The Post explained that D.C. police were tipped off by out-of-state police who were alerted to “threatening remarks” made by Moles. However, ABC affiliate WJLA Washington reports that Moles told police he is a veteran with PTSD, and he picked the Trump Hotel because he’s a fan of the president. There is no word yet on how the case might proceed, the full details of Moles personal history, or what might have motivated his heavily armed road trip.

(Via WJLA ABC in D.C. & Washington Post)