Glenn Beck Criticizes Jared Kushner’s Expanded White House Role As ‘Professional Nepotism’

Glenn Beck, the ailing media mogul who’s trying to be less divisive, says there’s no place in the White House for anyone with the last name Trump unless it’s the president himself. In a Yahoo News interview with Bianna Golodryga, Beck accuses the president of playing favorites and describes Trump’s decision to give Ivanka and Jared Kushner major White House roles as “professional nepotism.”

During the two-minute rant, Beck says the decision to give Ivanka and Jared elevated roles in the Trump administration is like Bill Clinton’s decision to put Hillary in charge of healthcare discussions in 1992, but worse. He even goes as far as to say that Trump’s decision to appoint his daughter and son-in-law makes Bill’s appointment of Hillary “look like kindergarten.”

Beck feels this way because both Jared and Ivanka lack government experience and have spent their entire lives to the private sector. And Beck certainly isn’t afraid of ruffling any feathers today: “A lot of people will say it’s time to run the country like a business, but no it’s time we run the country as a legitimate country. It’s not a business. It’s not a business. It’s a constitutional republic.”

Now Jared and Ivanka are (unpaid) federal employees with Ivanka rising to “special assistant” to the president while Jared grabbed a senior advisor gig and even took a diplomatic trip to Iraq. Beck says he wasn’t here for the “2 for 1” deal involving Bill and Hillary, and he’s not a fan of this package either.

(Via Yahoo)