Longtime Trump Friend Larry King Calls This ‘One Of The Most Ridiculous Presidencies I’ve Ever Seen’

Larry King and Donald Trump go back even further than Howard Stern and Trump. Of course, the former’s interviews aren’t nearly as explicit as the latter’s editions, but both King and Stern’s interviews of Trump have raised eyebrows. In King’s case, Trump came under fire for appearing on Russian State TV for a September 2016 interview, and King even told the press that, yes, Trump was aware of where his words would appear. So, King’s not one to refrain from saying how he really feels about his longtime subject-pal, and a new Sirius XM interview shows the former CNN host admitting that his friend’s presidency carries some very “ridiculous” aspects.

FYI, King does consider Trump to be “a great friend” (they’ve known each other for 45 years!) but voted for Hillary Clinton. These days, King can’t get behind multiple Trump cabinet appointments, including Betsy DeVos, who was somehow confirmed as education secretary despite knowing very little about the department. Likewise, Trump hired climate-change denier Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency. King’s almost amused:

“I gotta admit that so far, this is one of the most ridiculous presidencies I have ever seen. It’s almost funny. To run the Environmental Protection Agency, he hires an anti-environment guy. To run the Secretary of Education [sic], he hires someone who doesn’t like education. Doesn’t like public schools. That’s weird, man … Who doesn’t notice climate change? Come on.”

“That’s weird, man.” King certainly isn’t wrong about these cabinet choices, and he doesn’t even touch upon the spectacle of Trump son-in-law — a real-estate heir and sort-of publisher — acting as a senior advisor, a “SWAT team” leader who aims to overhaul federal bureaucracy like a business, and a shadow diplomat to Iraq to discuss how best to defeat ISIS. Weird, indeed.

(Via SiriusXM)