Trump Lashes Out At The Media, U.S. Intelligence, And Hillary Clinton In Response To The Latest Russia Reports

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On Valentine’s Day Night, the New York Times published a report that detailed how U.S. intelligence intercepted communications between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence agents. This, of course, is not a good look after Trump insisted that he knew nothing of Russia’s hacking efforts to help him get elected. As expected, Trump is losing his mind on Twitter this morning over the NY Times report, and he’s blaming … everyone. First, he tweet-shouted at the “fake news media,” except for Fox News.

Trump’s always good with whatever Fox News does — even when Bill O’Reilly is giving him a hard time — but he’s particularly thrilled that both Fox News and Breitbart are honing in on this story for the “leak” aspect. And it’s no wonder Trump prefers this angle. After National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned following mounting reports of his vulnerability to Russian blackmail, Trump also tweeted that leaks are the “real story.”

Yet following the NY Times report about Trump campaign aides communicating with Russian intel, the resulting tweet storm grew to encompass the president’s thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.” Trump thinks this Russia stuff is merely “non-sense” and a media coverup.

Then came more of Trump’s outrage about leaks to the media, although he very much adored the fallout from the John Podesta email dumps by Wikileaks, which the right-wing media gleefully reported at length. Oh, and he’s trashing U.S. intelligence again despite Reince Priebus claiming that Trump and the CIA buried their beef with a “love fest.”

However, there’s one shining beacon of reason here, which is that someone finally told Trump that Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. During his campaign, Trump remained blissfully unaware of these realities. However, Trump ruined his displayed knowledge of global affairs by, you know, blaming Obama for everything, too.

Is there anyone that Trump hasn’t blamed today? Rosie O’Donnell, perhaps, but she’s probably next on the list.