Trump’s New Campaign Manager Is No Longer Demanding Him To Release His Tax Returns

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Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on CNN‘s State of the Union and ABC’s The Week on Sunday morning, her first Sunday talk show appearances after accepting her new role.

Just five months ago, before she worked on the campaign, Conway urged Trump to “be transparent” and release his tax returns. In her appearances Sunday, she reversed her position, stating that she didn’t realize the Republican presidential nominee was under audit.

On CNN, Dana Bash questioned Conway about whether she will stand by the demands she made just a few months ago upon joining the campaign. “Now that I am on the inside I know something I didn’t know then, which is he is under audit,” Conway replied. “He has said clearly, and I back him up completely, that when the audit is completed he’ll release the tax returns.” Asked whether Conway would release those years of tax releases that are no longer under audit — Trump’s attorneys say that he is only his 2009 filing is under audit, and those from 2002 to 2008 are in the clear — Conway replied “No, I would not.” She went on to say “this entire tax return debate is somewhat confounding to me.”

ON ABC, Conway faced a similar question from George Stephanopoulos. She echoed her response, stating she didn’t know before joining the campaign how “serious” Trump’s audit is. “I’ve learned since being on the inside that this audit is a serious matter and that he has said that when the audit is complete, he will release his tax returns,” she said. “I also know as a pollster that what concerns people most about quote ‘taxes’ is their own tax liability, and so we appreciate people being able to see Hillary Clinton’s plan and Donald Trump’s plan and figure out who will really get the middle-class tax relief.”

Later in the conversation, Stephanopoulos told Conway that her candidate’s comments about the black community and poverty may have rubbed some people the wrong way. “Those comments are for all Americans. And I live in a white community. I’m white. I was very moved by his comment,” Conway replied. “If you think 58 percent of unemployment in the African American youth community is a good idea, then absolutely please go vote for Hillary Clinton, everyone.”

Conway stepped into the campaign manager role last week in the midst of a campaign staff shake-up that also included hiring Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon as campaign CEO. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort stepped down Friday amid controversy surrounding his deep ties to Ukraine. Trump is the first major party presidential nominee since 1976 to not release his tax returns.

(Via Washington Post & Mediaite)