The Secret Service Denies Claims They Kicked Omarosa Off Of White House Property Following Her Firing

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News that comes out of the White House in 2017 tends to be bizarre, but the latest reports of The Apprentice villain turned political aide Omarosa Newman being fired and physically removed (The Wall Street Journal said “dragged”) from the White House after “throwing a tantrum” seems to close out the year on an appropriate note.

Various reports have stated that after General Kelly fired her on Donald Trump’s behalf, she demanded to see the President until “it got physical and she had to be removed” from the White House. But now the Secret Service is here to clear that up, saying that the only role they had to play was deactivating her pass. White House reporter April Ryan is wondering why the information is conflicting, and who did remove her?

The Hill says Omarosa attempted to get back in the White House, only to find out that her pass card was deactivated and an alarm was set off. This is what led to her removal from the grounds. The White House initially said that her termination would be effective January 20, but her time in the presence of Washington D.C.’s elite seems to be over this week.

For his part, tweeted out a thank you and well wishes to his fellow reality star that he’s fired before.

(Via The Hill/NY Daily News)