People Struggled To Wrap Their Heads Around Trump Allegedly Blabbering Classified Info To The Russians

Getty Image / Twitter

Last week, Trump let Russian journalists into the Oval Office to film and photograph an interview with a member of the Russian government. At the time, pundits and former intelligence officials pointed out that this is decidedly not a smart thing to do as those Russians could have snuck intelligence equipment into the White House under the cover of the official visit and planted listening devices. It turns out, that such spy efforts weren’t even needed (although it’s still concerning) as apparently, Trump up and told them classified information without them even having to do any heavy lifting in the espionage department.

As The Washington Post reported, Trump supposedly revealed classified secrets to the Russians while they were in the Oval Office. To what extent is unclear at this point but multiple government sources have commented on the occurrence of such a slip of the tongue. To put it simply, the entire situation is not ideal, and as soon as the news broke the internet absolutely lost it.

The majority of people were in flat out disbelief that Trump actually did such a thing. Actually being the operative word, because recent events have shown that this exact type of thing is certainly in the cards with this administration in the White House.

After the news broke, US National Security Advisor HR McMaster held a press conference in which not only did he not deny the allegations at hand, but he denied events that the Washington Post never actually reported happened in the first place. A possibly-not-great-move that everyone picked up on immediately.

Then there were the constant reminders that Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP are probably not going to do anything about this despite the severity of the allegations and catastrophes that could be put into action because of such a mistake.

But good news. Everyone in the White House is handling this scandal-in-the-making in the most responsible and measured way possible.

With leadership meetings like that happening behind the scenes, everything is going to turn out just fine!