Trump Expresses Support For Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore, Says ‘We Don’t Need A Liberal Democrat In That Seat’

It’s been nearly two weeks since sexual misconduct allegations began to surface involving Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, and since then, a total of eight women have come out with claims that the former judge pursued or sexually assaulted them as teens. Yet Donald Trump has not condemned Moore over the numerous allegations, while many prominent members of the Republican party have asked him to step down.

Initially Trump would only comment through White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said that while the president takes the allegations very seriously, ultimately he “thinks the people of Alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be.” While leaving the White House on Tuesday however, Trump was questioned by reporters about Moore and his answer will be seen as disappointing by many.

“I could tell you one thing for sure, we don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat– Jones, I’ve looked at his record it’s terrible on crime, it’s terrible on the border, it’s terrible on the military,” Trump told reporters, before reiterating Moore’s denials.

When asked a general followup question about sexual misconduct allegations, Trump answered, “Let me just tell you, Roy Moore denies it, that’s all I can say, he denies it. And by the way, he totally denies it.” He also stated that this is a “very special time” we’re living in and that he’s “very happy” that “a lot of these things are coming out and being exposed.”

Again, it’s worth noting that Trump himself has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by over a dozen women.

(Via C-SPAN & ABC News)