President Trump Thinks Roy Moore ‘Should’ Concede To Doug Jones In Alabama

It’s now been three days since Roy Moore lost the Alabama special Senate election to Democrat Doug Jones. This is an undisputed fact. Moore lost by approximately 20,000 votes, but he still refuses to concede the race — even after President Trump ate some major crow by formally congratulating Jones, despite the fact that the election outcome was reportedly a “devastating” loss for him. Even Jones himself has publicly called on Moore to “move on.” In other words, stop trying to make fetch happen.

On Friday morning, as Trump prepared to leave the White House en route to the FBI National Academy to speak at the graduation ceremony, he spoke to reporters who asked about Moore’s refusal to step down.

“I think he should, he tried, I want to support — always I want to support the person running, we need the seat, we’d like to have the seat. I think we’re doing very well on the tax [sic], we’ll see what happens. But I think we’re doing very well, it’s something that’s going to be monumental. It will be the biggest tax decrease or tax cut in the history of our country. But as far as Roy Moore, yeah, I would certainly say he should.”

Obvious word salad aside, when Donald Trump is the voice of reason, bruh. Time to call it.

(Via CNN)