Trump Reportedly Doesn’t Believe That The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Roy Moore Are True

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On Monday, Donald Trump officially endorsed embattled Alabama Republican Roy Moore in his bid for the state’s empty Senate seat. Later that night, the Republican National Convention quietly resumed its previously canceled funding for the former state judge’s campaign. The political machine has since gone into full gear for Moore’s efforts, with official spokespeople and conservative pundits going to bat for the Senate hopeful on all major networks. Even so, Moore and his associates have been unable to wholly avoid questions stemming from prior reports of sexual harassment and assault allegations from young girls.

Not that any of it matters to President Trump who, according to The Daily Beast, reportedly doesn’t believe any of the allegations are true:

“This is not something he’s struggling with,” one senior White House official told The Daily Beast of Trump.

The president has even begun adopting some of Moore’s more outlandish lines of defense to push back against accusations that the candidate’s guilt is beyond question.

Two of the sources, one working in the Trump administration and the other a friend of the president, noted that in recent conversations Trump has begun to stress that the “Roy Moore, D.A.” signature in the yearbook of a woman who publicly accused the candidate of sexual assault, is a likely forgery. The president has found the signature suspicious, according to these sources.

Interestingly enough, the yearbook signature fiasco first came up in an open letter Moore tweeted at Fox News personality Sean Hannity, who initially gave the Alabaman politician an ultimatum to clear up the allegations. When this resulted in a loss of advertisers and product boycotts by Hannity’s viewers, the predominantly pro-Trump pundit began supporting Moore again and even gave airtime to the alleged sexual assaulter’s since-debunked conspiracy theories regarding the yearbook signature and the other accusaions against him. And since Trump’s White House evidently watches Hannity’s program…

(Via The Daily Beast)