Report: President Trump Calls Jeff Sessions ‘Mr. Magoo’ Behind His Back

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It’s no secret that there is a certain animus between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions stemming from Trump’s opinion that Sessions is not sufficiently loyal. The most recent example of that came earlier this week when POTUS referred to Sessions’ decision to have the Justice Department’s Inspector General investigate the FISA abuse allegations made by Rep. Devin Nunes in his controversial memo as “disgraceful.”

According to a new Washington Post report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been questioning witnesses about Trump’s efforts to drive Sessions to resign (thus allowing Trump to install an attorney general who could oversee the Russia investigation). As much as it sounds like Mueller could be investigating another potential instance of of obstruction of justice, the highlight of the report is its revelation of Trump’s nickname for Sessions:

Behind the scenes, Trump has derisively referred to Sessions as “Mr. Magoo,” a cartoon character who is elderly, myopic and bumbling, according to people with whom he has spoken.

Outdated insults aside — and possibly erroneous ones, since some have pointed out that Trump’s more of a Magoo than Sessions — Sessions has repeatedly, both publicly and privately, insisted that he will not resign. Earlier this month, following the one-year anniversary of his confirmation, aides reportedly presented Sessions with a “gag gift”: a bulletproof vest with his name on it.

(Via Washington Post & CNN)