President Trump Tours Irma’s Devastation, Comments On The ‘Small Number Of People’ Who Died

After a baffling early morning tweet storm, on Thursday President Trump headed to Fort Meyers, Florida to visit the area in the wake of Hurricane Irma — which is still experiencing widespread power outages several days later. Speaking alongside Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Trump said, “The job that everybody has done is incredible. And I know you’re still in the process, but to think of the incredible power of that storm, and while people unfortunately passed, it was such a small number.”

He continued, “People thought thousands and thousands of people may have their lives ended, and the number is a very small number, which is a great tribute to you.” Trump thanked the governor for his recovery efforts, and also basically endorsed him for senate by saying that he hoped Scott would run, as Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is up for re-election in 2018.

While he was there, Trump also doubled down on his morning DACA tweets by claiming that a deal had not yet been reached — contradicting a joint statement from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Wednesday night — saying, “I think think we’re fairly close, but we have to get massive border security.”

He did admit that they are not looking at citizenship or amnesty at the moment, but that “We are looking at allowing people to stay here. We are working with everybody,” however at the same time he also stated, “Ultimately, we have to have the wall. If we don’t have the wall, we’re doing nothing.”

(Via CNN)