Trump Is Still Falsely Insisting That 3-5 Million Illegal Votes Cost Him The Popular Vote

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Donald Trump is president of the United States. He won the big prize, but he can’t let the little things go. This would include being ridiculously hung up on his inauguration crowd size, and of course he’s still hung up on the general election results too. Months ago, he falsely claimed that he would have won the popular vote if it wasn’t for “millions of people who voted illegally.” He couldn’t accept how Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million ballots. And Trump is still saying this, a few days after taking office.

Back in November, Trump actually convinced roughly 52% of Republicans that he did win the popular vote. Now, he’s spouted the lie during a Congressional leadership reception on Monday, in which he wasted ten minutes dwelling on the past and making the same false claim:

Days after being sworn in, President Trump insisted to congressional leaders invited to a reception at the White House that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for millions of illegal votes, according to people familiar with the meeting.

Two people familiar with the meeting said Trump spent about 10 minutes at the start of the bipartisan gathering rehashing the campaign. He also told them that between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes caused him to lose the popular vote.

It’s over! Trump played the electoral game better than Clinton, and he’s reaping the rewards, but it’s not enough. Trump keeps telling the press to stop talking about his controversies and move forward to Make America Great Again, but the dude can’t stop dwelling either.

The New York Times notes reminds readers how voting officials found “virtually no evidence” of any voter fraud, let along a significant number of ballots. Does Trump even believe what he’s saying? No one knows for sure, but Nancy Pelosi was quoted as calling this a very “interesting” meeting.

In any event, Trump and his attendees reportedly enjoyed meatballs and sliders in the closed-doors reception. Subsequently, multiple people in the room told the NY Times that Trump “used the opportunity to brag about his victory.” He then blabbed to the press about the “beautiful relationship” that he’s developing with Congress. A relationship with a side of lies.

(Via Washington Post & New York Times)