Trump Is Reportedly Telling People That Stormy Daniels ‘Is Not The Type Of Woman He Finds Attractive’

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President Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet when it comes to Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who allegedly had an affair with him during a Lake Tahoe celebrity golf tournament in 2006. Even after her sit down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes — which killed his own ratings for the very same program, by the way — Trump only subtweeted something vague about “fake news.”

But while the president has yet to publicly comment (*cough* Melania *cough*), apparently he has had a lot to say in private. According to the Washington Post, Trump has been calling Daniels’ accusations a “hoax” and inquiring about his poll numbers in relation to her claims. He has also supposedly complained to several people, and I quote, that “Daniels is not the type of woman he finds attractive” — even though anyone with eyeballs knows that Stormy is exactly the type of woman Donald Trump finds attractive.

Trump — who was among the estimated 22 million Americans who watched the Daniels interview that aired Sunday night — asked staff in the White House if they, too, had watched and wondered what they thought of it, someone who has spoken to him said. The president said that he personally did not think Daniels appeared credible, added this person, who has talked to the president about his interactions with the pornographic film star and did not want to be identified discussing them.

Following Sunday night’s interview, on Monday Daniels amended her existing lawsuit against Trump, adding his personal attorney Michael Cohen who she is now suing for defamation. So in light of new developments, perhaps it’s best Trump publicly keeps quiet about the alleged affair.

(Via Washington Post)