Rachel Maddow Releasing Trump’s Tax Returns Sent The Internet Into A Tizzy

Just after dinner time on Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC sent the internet into a tailspin with one simple tweet.

Almost immediately, speculation flew about which tax returns they might be and what information Rachel had about Trump’s finances. If the information truly contained a huge bombshell, why wasn’t MSNBC going live with the report? Could this actually be what turns some of Trump’s base away from him after all these months? What would the White House response be after the fact?

Of course, even with all those questions swirling Twitter was having a ball with jokes and pop culture references as they anticipated the report.

There was even the requisite NBA trade news joke.

Then, Maddow confirmed that the big tax return news only a few pages from POTUS’ 2005 returns and news started to leak about exactly how much Trump claimed in income that year.

That didn’t stop the jokes though. Never put it past Twitter to take breaking news about potential tax return information, of all things, and make it hilarious. Or, actually, maybe Twitter’s only true purpose is to make waiting around for breaking tax return information (that could be super boring in the end) a worthwhile and funny activity.

Anticipation remained high even though there was potentially nothing of note being announced, but Twitter got impatient fast.

In the end, it might not have been what people were expecting but Maddow certainly put on a show, whether or not there was any “juicy” tax information in the end.