President Trump Is Getting Roasted For Threatening To Take Away NBC’s Broadcast License

Getty Image

Suddenly, old Getty photos of Donald Trump standing in front of an NBC logo while promoting Celebrity Apprentice are working magic again. This weirdness arrives after the president popped onto Twitter to slam the network — after NBC News reported that Rex Tillerson’s rumored “moron” jab arrived because Trump demanded a “nearly tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.” Naturally, Trump quickly pushed back on the report while accusing the network of “pure fiction” and being “= CNN.” He then essentially threatened to revoke NBC’s broadcast license while adding, “Bad for country!”

NBC News anchor Stephanie Ruhle quickly piped up to claim, “We stand by our reporting.” She also cheekily thanked the president for “taking the time to watch,” which probably irked him to no end.

And as a result of Trump’s outburst, one heck of a First Amendment lecture rose up from Twitter. Naturally, CNN’s Jake Tapper brought a ton of snark to the table with one carefully-selected image.

Others, including former GOP Congressman-turned freedom-fighting radio host Joe Walsh, were quick to point out that Trump only loves the First Amendment when it applies to him (like when he’s trashing NFL protests). And the word “fascism” also appeared, of course.

Also, there’s the little matter of NBC “creating” Trump … or at least the reality-star version of the man who was elected president. Yes, someone used “Dr. Frankenstein” as a comparison. Oh boy.