Trump: The Allegations Against Me Are A ‘Conspiracy’ Against America

On Thursday, Donald Trump delivered a battle cry amid the troubles swirling around his campaign. During a speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump confronted the recent wave of sexual assault allegations against him. He insisted that all of these claims were false and part of a “coordinated, vicious attack” against him. Not only that, but Trump noted that it was quite a coincidence that these allegations dropped at around the same time as a dumping of purported Clinton WikiLeaks emails. (In actuality, these claims followed Trump’s debate assertion that he’d never grabbed a woman as described during his infamous “locker room banter” session with Billy Bush.)

While speaking at the rally, Trump insisted that the allegations against him were part of a conspiracy against America:

“These vicious claims about me about inappropriate conduct with me are totally and absolutely false and the Clintons know it and they know it well. They’re pure fiction and they’re outright lies.This is a conspiracy against you, the American people. This is a moment of reckoning for our society.”

Trump argued that this conspiracy was meant to keep the Clintons in power, but he says only he can fix America. Trump’s latest fear mongering comes on the heels of the New York Times reporting he inappropriately touched two women, and a People writer said Trump forced himself on her. Trump denied the latter allegations by claiming the writer wasn’t attractive. Yes, that was one way that he defended himself.

Now that Trump has promised a “shackle-free” campaign, his rhetoric appears to be turned up to 11. And many are fearful for what he is going to say next. On Thursday, Michelle Obama gave an impassioned speech, stating her uneasiness with Trump’s comments and the new allegations. Meanwhile, Trump’s speeches are inching closer to the doom and gloom side these days.

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