Someone Managed To Change Trump Tower To Dump Tower On Google Maps

Getty Image / Twitter

In what will likely go down as the prank that manages to capture the whole of 2016 into one moment, some heroic or devilish prankster, depending on your point of view, managed to change the name of Donald Trump’s New York fortress Trump Tower to the chuckle-worthy and somewhat true name of Dump Tower. Everybody pack it up, comedy has found its peak and we’re all going to be trailing behind forever. KXTV also reported that New York’s Trump International Hotel and Tower “Dump International Hotel and Tower,” basically meaning that someone spent some time trying to do this.

According to the AP, Google confirmed the changes did happen and that they had been reversed soon after the discovery went viral online:

WPIX-TV reports that users of the mapping service began noticing the new name for the Fifth Avenue building on Saturday and some took to social media to report it.

Trump, the Republican president-elect, has not yet commented on it. Trump has been using Trump Tower as his transition headquarters.

A Google spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the company has changed the name back to its original.

Fox 23 refers the person behind the name change as an “unknown prankster,” but I think we all know who is to blame here. This is the first salvo in a war of attrition by a real life Codename: V from V For Vendetta. Bow down to his or her reign of terror as he traverses the nation to the change the name of Trump’s iconic buildings in order to express his or her distaste for the president-elect.

The members of the Trump wing of twitter would call this a sign of liberals losing their damn minds, but I don’t think so. There are moments when you just get bored and feel like changing the name of things on Google Maps. It doesn’t change the results of the election, but it is worth a little chuckle. It’s a poo joke being reported by the Associated Press.

(Via AP / Mashable)