A Casting Notice Goes Out For A ‘Up-And-Coming Conservative’ Network That Sounds A Lot Like Trump TV

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The reality of a Donald Trump TV network seems to be on the horizon. On Wednesday, Fox News obtained a casting notice looking for hosts and other right-leaning journalists for an “up-and-coming conservative media network currently in development.” Is this a hint that a television network devoted to the media mogul may just be around the bend?

The idea of Trump TV has been stewing for a few months now, as the Donald’s team has been publicly hinting at the idea for months. It was thought of to be a venture Trump would do if he lost the election, but it was put on the back burner. And Trump himself has denied any involvement, but the idea seemed to gain some traction again as Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s role in his campaign came into focus. Non-interest from Trump aside, a mysterious casting notice has surfaced to mine savvy and conservative-leaning journalists:

The notice goes on to say the on-air talent the network wants “must be knowledgeable about conservative viewpoints, current events, and the presidential election,” adding applicants must also “look upscale and intelligent,” and should be “outspoken and energetic.”

But not everyone seems to think Trump TV is a good idea. Glenn Beck, who has voiced his displeasure for the Donald, said a TV network is terrible idea, telling The Hollywood Reporter “We are in the beginning of a Dadaist movement. And Trump TV can be the urinal of that movement. And I mean that as an art historian.” The network only appears to be rumors right now, but if the election doesn’t go in his favor, we could see it become a reality.

(Via Fox News & The Hollywood Reporter)