Every Single One Of Donald Trump’s Conspiracy-Laden, Typo-Filled Tweets Must Be Preserved As Part Of U.S. History

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Trump is not a fan of having his mistakes pointed out, and even though he swears he doesn’t regret posting any of his tweets, they tend to magically disappear when a typo is involved. Yet Trump will have to learn to live with his mistakes because the National Archives and Records Administration is laying down the law and reminding the White House Administration that under the Presidential Records Act, the administration will have to save a copy of every tweet made by the president … including those he deletes or corrects.

In a letter to Congress dated March 30th, the head of the National Archives, David S. Ferriero, informed lawmakers that the White House has agreed to comply with the law. The issue was first brought up by Sen. McCaskill (D-MO) and Sen. Carper (D- DE), who were concerned that presidential history was not being preserved.

So what do the new developments mean? It means that years from now, our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to take a look back at a time when a U.S. President misspelled “unprecedented.”

Or the time when the president misspelled hereby two times.

Yup, these typo-filled tweets will be available for the world to see for years and years to come.

Still, it is unclear if the administration plans to preserve the embarrassing tweets using the same automated system that former President Obama used to make copies of his tweets. Whatever they do though, they better do it fast because unlike most politicians, Trump uses Twitter almost on the daily, going as far as tweeting 3 minutes before taking his oath of office.

ProPublica, which has been tracking Trump’s deleted tweets since June 2015, has already amassed 9 pages worth of deleted tweets.

(via ABC News & ProPublica)