President Trump Won’t Campaign For Roy Moore, According To A White House Official

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When he hasn’t been complaining about cable news coverage, Time magazine’s editorial choices, and reportedly calling the “Access Hollywood” tape a fake, President Trump has spent much of his recent free time railing against Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones on Twitter and on TV. However, though he has called into question the women who have accused Republican candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct and hasn’t called for Moore to step aside like fellow Republicans, Trump is not going to travel to Alabama to campaign for Moore ahead of the December 12 special election.

According to a White House official, President Trump will “not travel to Alabama on Moore’s behalf” even though he attended a rally for Moore’s Republican primary opponent Sen. Luther Strange in September. After Strange lost, Trump deleted tweets supporting the out-going Senator.

Despite adopting a low-profile since the allegations surfaced, Moore appears to be counting the President’s unwavering support as a win:

Trump’s words could be a boost to the Moore camp, since Democrats’ hopes in the race partly depend upon peeling away Republican support from Moore in the deeply red state.

Moore’s campaign quickly touted Trump’s comments on social media and in a fundraising email to supporters that lashed out at Republican leaders as much as it did Jones.

“President Trump calls them like he sees them. And, he’s got my opponents in D.C. scrambling,” Moore wrote in a fundraising email.

Doug Jones’ campaign issued a statement in response: “Roy Moore was unfit for office even before nine Alabama women served as witnesses to all Alabamians of his disturbing conduct.”

(Via ABC News)