Tucker Carlson Can’t Keep From Laughing While Commending Donna Brazile For ‘The Greatest Spin I’ve Ever Heard’

Former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile visited Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to — what else? — promote her new book. Given that she’s both a former CNN talking head and, well, a Democrat, the venue might seem odd, but Brazile’s DNC-bashing efforts may have found a target audience. And it’s always worth celebrating rare moments when this terminally wallpaper-faced host changes expression. Carlson actually cracks a smile here, and he even drops a few hearty laughs into the mix, so this was a fun segment, indeed.

In the above clip, Carlson asks Brazile about that time she allegedly leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaign. Carlson points out that Brazile “conceded” to doing so in her book, and he wants to know whether CNN really didn’t know about it. Brazile begins to dance around the subject, so Carlson again demands, “Did they know you leaked those questions?” To which Brazile talks in a roundabout manner:

“I said last year that CNN never provided us with any questions. CNN never gave us anything in advance. What I did say, what I have said in the past, and what I say in this book … and I know Wikileaks gave everybody certain questions in certain emails, but as an officer of the DNC … I wanted to make sure that we had diverse voices, and we covered issues that had not been discussed in previous debates … What I sought to do, Tucker, was to ensure that we had these issues on the table, and I didn’t want our candidates blindsided. That’s what I admitted to.

Brazile now says that she never admitted to leaking those questions, only that she admitted to not not wanting to see Hillary be “blindsided,” which is pretty much an admission in and of itself. To that, Carlson was downright gleeful. “That’s the greatest spin I’ve ever heard!” Carlson grinned. “That’s so good! You should do this for a living! That is hilarious.”

In case you wanted to see the Tucker-face laugh again or even have some nightmares about it, here you go.

(Via Fox News)