Tucker Carlson Goes Toe-To-Toe With A ‘North Korea Sympathizer’ In A Truly Bonkers Segment

Not long ago, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was appalled when an analyst called him a “Nazi sympathizer,” but on Monday night, he interviewed a self-avowed sympathizer of another authoritarian regime, that of North Korea. Let’s just say that the trademark Carlson Wallpaper Face was in full effect, and even those who don’t ever side with him may understand why this was the case. In the above clip, Deirdre Griswold, who edits a communist publication that supports Kim Jong-un’s regime, blasted some in D.C. for wanting war with North Korea.

Carlson, at first, was inclined to agree with Griswold. “Let me say that I’ve never said this to a communist before,” the host declared. “But I actually agree with you. I don’t want a war, and I think there are people in Washington who are pushing for it.” Then he took issue with how Griswald claimed that the people of North Korea don’t want a war because Americans have no way of knowing what citizens of North Korean want (since they don’t have internet access).

Griswold took issue with this and argued that people of North Korea are “very aware of what’s going on in the world” because of their “100% literacy rate.” Carlson countered that the North Korean people can only use that literacy to digest the state-run media’s propaganda, but Griswold didn’t buy it. She claimed that North Koreans desperately want to dig out from the “threat of war that the U.S. has posed ever since it invaded their country,” and the segment barrels further out of control from there.

In this longer clip below, the combative air grows intense between Griswold and Carlson. Shortly after the 8:00 minute mark, Carlson asks whether his guest is at all bothered when she sees a “population starving and its leader dying of obesity.” In response, Griswold crowed that North Koreans are the “healthiest looking people in the world,” and Carlson laughed, “They’re the best except for the tapeworms and tuberculosis.”

(Via Fox News)