Tucker Carlson Is Apparently Quite Concerned About ‘Major Websites Attacking White People’

According to a 2014 racial breakdown of primetime cable news viewers by Nielsen, only one percent of Fox News viewers are black. And with that information in hand, here’s Tucker Carlson with a segment based on the concept of “reverse racism” and his concerns about websites attacking white people. He really knows how to play to his viewership. Some of which are champions of white supremacy.

As Vox has pointed out (h/t Parker Molloy), Carlson has been a mouthpiece for the rising bigotry in the United States. His incendiary segments often hold little value or facts, and they carry a subtext of isolationism and anti-everything. Take a look:

So here’s Carlson, concerned about articles from the likes of Buzzfeed, who wrote an article titled: ’37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018.’ He believes articles such as these will push white nationalism further (which would seemingly only bolster his preferred demo).

Here’s what he said on his show according to Media Matters:

“Now, liberals say they abhor white nationalism, and they should, but at the same time, they are promoting it with crap like this. When rich liberals pull up BuzzFeed for the latest listicle of why white people are wrecking America, or whatever, they are happy to laugh along, because they are safe in the knowledge it doesn’t actually threaten them.

“You are worried, and you should be, and now some smug private school kid from Brooklyn is lecturing you about how you are the problem, because of the color of your skin, and the privilege it conveys. How much of that are you going to take before you explode at the unfairness of it all? And at that point, why wouldn’t you embrace a racial identity?

“Everybody else seems to be doing it. That’s a disaster, and it’s not theoretical, by the way. That’s what’s going to happen in this country unless people start deciding they’re going to treat one another as individuals, rather than as members of groups.”

His line of “unless people start deciding they’re going to treat one another as individuals, rather than as members of groups” is quite interesting considering his thoughts on immigration and mythical “no-go zones.”

His guest, Chadwick Moore, in the clip above goes as far as to say that some people are “brainwashed” to see “victimhood” such as racism and homophobia everywhere. He follows that up by recalling an anecdote in which he told a black woman to walk a mile in a white woman’s shoes.

According to the African American Policy Forum, black women account for 33 percent of women killed by police, despite making up 13 percent of the population. Various studies have also shown an alarming disparity between the races and the criminal justice system

(Via Media Matters / Fox News / Vox)