Tucker Carlson Calls Trump Looking Directly At The Eclipse The ‘Most Impressive Thing Any President’s Ever Done’

If you were busy preparing your eclipse shelter because you visit the wrong websites, you might’ve missed the president staring directly up into it. Seeing how it was Trump, plenty of people shared their opinions and made their jokes, but he wasn’t alone. And according to Tucker Carlson, he wasn’t even doing a bad thing. In fact, it might be the most impressive thing any president has ever done.

While The Daily Beast is fairly sure Carlson is joking, with the Fox News host even adding that Trump looking up was “not a complete surprise.” But it was also delivered about as dry and as quick as you could deliver it, especially for a Fox News audience that typically might believe their president was born in another country and that there is a literal war on Christmas. You would hope that someone watching wouldn’t believe Carlson and agree that Trump staring up at the Sun, something we learn not to do in school and were warned about for weeks, is greater than the accomplishments of Lincoln, both Roosevelts, and any of the Founding Fathers.

Even with aides apparently yelling up at the president to tell him, “don’t look,” It’s still a good thing for Carlson. He apparently got a look at this tweet that went out earlier in the day:

If he didn’t see it, you have to think these things are just getting too easy to guess at this point.

(Via Daily Beast)