Uber Pledges $5 Million To Help Prevent Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence

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Many months before Harvey Weinstein (and subsequently, many other men in power) became the subject ongoing sexual harassment accusations, Uber was front and center on this very subject. Not only were the actions of former CEO Travis Kalanick part of the company’s ongoing probe of a culture of bias within the company, but female customers also accused drivers of sexually harassing and assaulting them, only to feel that their complaints were dismissed. Now, the company is not only implementing new procedures for this cause, but they’re also pledging $5 million in donations to multiple groups who work to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence.

CNN Money reports that Uber has been in talks for months with these groups, even if the timing of this announcement seems more than coincidental:

The funds, which will be distributed over the course of five years, will go to various groups, including Raliance, the National Network to End Domestic Violence and NO MORE. In 2016, the National Football League donated $10 million to Raliance amid domestic abuse scandals impacting its industry.

Further, all 150 customer service agents who answer Uber’s hotlines have undergone sensitivity training as part of a dedicated effort for “speaking with trauma victims.” However, some accusers spoke with CBS News to express how Uber hasn’t gone far enough with these efforts, and they’d prefer other measures such as a “panic button” within the Uber app, along with more rigorous driver background checks and in-car cameras.

Despite the timing of the effort looking a little … delayed, given Uber’s own ongoing woes, the company says that it’s committed to helping make things right in terms of sexual assault awareness and prevention. Every bit helps.

(Via CBS News & CNN)