UPS Accidentally Delivered An Assault Rifle Instead Of A Child’s Christmas Present


An older couple and their 6-year-old granddaughter received an unwanted surprised on Thursday when the UPS delivery driver accidentally dropped off an assault rifle at their home near Hempstead, New York. Joel Berman and his wife were supposed to receive a toy plane meant for a friend’s son, according to the Long Island area newspaper Newsday, but the heavy package they got instead contained a weapon meant for a man living in Arizona.

“It definitely was not a toy gun,” said Berman, who had to explain to his granddaughter that “Santa delivered the wrong thing” to their home. “This could have been delivered to a home that had either someone with ill intentions who would have loved to have something like this. Or it could have been delivered to a home with kids.”

Berman and his wife removed their grandchild from the scene and immediately called 911. After explaining the situation to the operator, who exclaimed “oh my God” in response, at least three patrol cars responded to the location within minutes. The Nassau Police Department immediately confiscated the assault rifle and the case it came in, promising to deliver it back to the gunsmith in upstate New York who’d originally sent it to Arizona.

When Newsday asked UPS for comment about the incident on Thursday, a spokesperson claimed “he did not know about the incident” but would investigate the matter.

(Via Newsday)