Report: Dozens Of U.S. Diplomats Will Sign A Formal ‘Dissent’ Memo Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

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Donald Trump insists that he’s only trying to Make America Safe Again with his immigration ban. Yet he won’t like what dozens of U.S. diplomats are preparing to say on the matter after he’s thrown fits over the public’s refusal to accept the ban. After causing “World War III” to trend on Twitter didn’t fix the problem, Trump tried to blame Delta airlines for the travel delays caused by his new screening procedures. Trump needs to feel adored, and the executive order that banned refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries isn’t doing the trick.

ABC News now points towards a “dissent” memo that shall soon reportedly be signed by dozens of these diplomats, who are currently stationed across the globe. The group worries that Trump’s order is not only “un-American” but will actually make America less safe by aiding terrorists in seeking recruits. The group also notes how most terror attacks on U.S. soil are committed not by refugees but by those who’ve lived the U.S. for some time:

This ban, which can only be lifted under conditions which will be difficult or impossible for countries to meet, will not achieve its stated aim of to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States. Despite the Executive Order’s focus on them, a vanishingly small number of terror attacks on US. soil have been committed by foreign nationals who recently entered the United States on an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa. Rather, the overwhelming majority of attacks have been committed by native-born or naturalized U.S. citizens-individuals who have been living in the United States for decades, if not since birth.

Indeed, there’s also the issue of Trump zeroing in on banning refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen while ignoring Saudi Arabia because of his business ties. Further, the memo points out that no matter what Trump says, the banned countries see this as a “religiously-motivated” ban. The end product will not only stoke anti-American sentiments, but it will also negatively impact humanitarian causes and the U.S. economy.

Trump’s biggest claim so far is that the economy has reacted positively to his victory, but this executive order could be counterproductive to that goal. In addition, he’s steadily chipping away at U.S.-Mexico relations, which may end up jacking up the price of many goods. This would be bad news for consumer confidence. There may be some severely unwanted effects for these bans and wall-building sentiments, right? Surprise.

(Via ABC News & Lawfareblog)