Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Has Been Hospitalized As A Precaution After Opening A Letter Containing White Powder

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Vanessa Trump, wife of Don Jr., and two other people were transported to a Manhattan hospital after a letter containing a mysterious white powder was delivered to the couple’s apartment. ABC News reports that the medical evaluation was considered precautionary, and the local ABC affiliate adds that Vanessa underwent decontamination procedures before departing the home.

At this time, Vanessa appears to be unharmed, although Reuters says that she felt nauseous immediately after being exposed to the powder. Fox News also reports that it’s not yet known whether any of the couple’s five children were home when Vanessa opened the letter.

The NYPD and Secret Service are currently investigating the incident, although it’s worth noting that Don Jr. decided to forgo Secret Service protection in September 2017 over privacy concerns and changed his mind a week later.

According to KTLA, the NYPD has deemed the white substance to be “nonhazardous.” Yet obviously, any white powder will set off alarms after the 2001 anthrax attacks resulted in multiple deaths. Since that time, a number of white-powder hoaxes have been used to terrorize high-profile targets, although one can never be too safe in being checked out after such an incident.

(Via ABC News, Reuters, Fox News & KTLA)