The Vaping Congressman Duncan Hunter Believes More Politicians Will ‘Come Out Of The Closet’ For Trump

Everyone’s favorite congressman — the one who was vaping while in a committee meeting, and was immortalized on Vine for blowing a cloud of smoke into his colleague’s face — endorsed Donald Trump for president. Then he went on Fox News and predicted that other politicians will follow his lead, and likened it to them coming out of the “Donald Trump closet.”

According to Fox News Live, Hunter visited On the Record with Greta Van Susteren to talk about his endorsement. He can hardly wait to use the phrase “to come out of the closet,” almost interrupting Van Susteren with it when she asks him whether other congressmen will follow his example.

With a smile that suggests self-satisfaction, he says, “Yeah, you’re gonna see more members of Congress come out of the — uh — Donald Trump closet on this, for sure.” He says others haven’t done it yet, because they’re weighing concerns with how their endorsement might affect their own elections.

Hunter initially endorsed Mike Huckabee because he and the congressman’s dad were friends. He doesn’t agree with Rubio’s immigration policy, and on Ted Cruz, “I don’t like the way that he’s portrayed himself in the past, and he won’t have my support in the future.”

(Via Fox News Live)