Watch As This San Francisco News Crew Is Mugged Live On-The-Air

It’s fairly hard to report the news when you’ve got a gun in your face. Some folks can do it and we do have reporters embedded in the middle of war zones and hurricanes, you just aren’t as prepared when it happens at 6 in the morning. Cara Liu from KTVU news was preparing to report live from Pier 14 in San Francisco when a nearby crew was robbed by thieves wearing ski masks. The entire incident happened during KTVU’s broadcast according to SF Gate:

KTVU reporter Cara Liu was reporting live when someone ran up and stole camera equipment belonging to KNTV, which also had a crew on the scene. During the incident, KNTV camera operator Alan Waples was pistol-whipped.

KNTV provided a look at the man who allegedly committed the robbery and the weapon he used. After stealing their cameras, he returned to the scene and took KTVU’s equipment before escaping. According to Deadline, this is the latest in several incidents to happen in the area and it is causing news crews to beef up their security:

There were three attackers involved in the incident, the latest in which news crews were accosted by robbers in the Bay Area. The heists have prompted stations to hire security guards, many of whom are former police officers, to accompany crews, particularly for stories in Oakland.

Scary stuff. It reminds you of the incident from South Africa earlier this year. Luckily both ended on some positive notes.

(Via SF Gate / NBC News / Deadline)