Joy Behar Flat-Out Calls Kellyanne Conway ‘Delusional’ Over Her Defense Of Trump’s Rhetoric On Nukes

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway never gets a day off, although her presence has appeared somewhat muted over the past few weeks, other than hilariously saying she won’t take away a grown man’s Twitter account. The lull in the storm does not matter to Joy Behar, who won’t forget all of the times Conway has sweetly smiled while sugar coating her boss’ rhetoric and blaming Hillary Clinton for everything.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Behar wasn’t bound to standards of objectivity like cable news hosts. She demanded to know how Conway could justify Trump’s casual attitude about nukes: “Your guy, Donald Trump, he’s very cavalier about using nuclear weapons,” Behar began. “Aren’t you petrified?” She admitted that this topic scares her “more than any other stupid thing” Trump has said. Naturally, Conway answered, “It’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton … they did this Iran nuclear deal.”

Behar pointed out that the Iran deal could prevent nuclear war, and she’s more concerned about how Trump’s “rhetoric is off the wall on this topic.” In response, Conway said, “No, it’s not actually … Donald Trump is winning.” Behar didn’t buy this conclusion and pointed out that Trump previously asked, “What’s the point of not using them if you have them?” Conway accused Behar of not looking at the larger picture but simply “cherry picking” with a silly concern: “He doesn’t mean that he’s going to go and use them.”

Behar stopped in her tracks: “I think, right here, you’re being delusional.”

Conway then countered with what terrifies her most: “Hillary Clinton always puts Hillary first. It scares me.” This only proved Behar’s earlier point that Conway answers every criticism of Trump by slamming Hillary.

(Video via Raw Story)

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