Elizabeth Warren Joins Clinton In Demanding Trump ‘Seriously’ Delete His Twitter Account

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Following a decisive Super Tuesday victory and an endorsement from President Barack Obama, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took a victory lap against Republican rival Donald Trump on Twitter. After ignoring the New York real-estate mogul’s latest tweeted insult, she instead told him to delete his account. The social media post blew up the internet and inadvertently produced a cavalcade of brilliant reactions and endless talking points for political pundits on Thursday night and Friday morning. Yet the Donald wasn’t finished, because as soon as the regular business day began Friday he’d already published his first insult. The target? Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Since March, the Democratic congresswoman has been using social media, television appearances and other functions to rip apart the Republican nominee and his convoluted platform. As a result, Trump co-opted prior criticism of Warren’s claims about her supposed Native American ancestry and made it his own, frequently calling the progressive senator “Pocahontas” in interviews and online. Hence this tweet:

Though her response time was 16 minutes slower than Clinton’s, Warren — who endorsed the presumptive nominee on Thursday, adding to rumors regarding her being a possible VP pick — was quick to jump on the “delete your account” bandwagon with her own two cents:

Needless to say, we must address and clarify two points immediately. First, the answer is yes — this is real life. In order to report and understand what’s considered news these days, one must understand the expression “delete your account.”

And second? Warren’s jab at Trump was nowhere near as popular as Clinton’s, but that didn’t stop Twitter’s legions from chiming in: