This Emotional Father Couldn’t Hold Back His Rage Against His Daughter’s Murderer In Court

If you were faced with your child’s murderer, what would you do? Van Terry could not hold back his anger when he got the chance to face Michael Madison in a Cleveland court, lashing out at the serial murderer who took his daughter’s life in 2013. According to the New York Daily News, Madison had been taunting the victim’s families in court, smiling in their direction when the chance would arise. Once Terry was given his chance to speak, he started delivering a message:

“How are you doing, your honor, my name is Van Terry, father of Shirellda Terry,” he said at a podium in the Cleveland courtroom in a video of the hearing published by the newspaper. “Right now, I guess we’re supposed to, in our hearts, forgive this clown.”

But before he could finish, he looked back at Madison and the incident you see in the video happens. Terry goes flying over the defense table and has to be restrained while being led out of the courtroom. Officials could not be reached for comment, but were aware of the incident according to the Daily News.

It’d be hard to see Terry getting away without some sort of punishment, but it will not be anywhere near the punishment Madison may receive. The jury recommended Madison for the death penalty and the judge agreed. This doesn’t mean Madison is finished fighting in court, but it does mean some comfort for the families.

(Via New York Daily News)